Edmund T. Rolls

Brain Computations

What and How

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Brain Computations: What and How

Oxford University Press.

ISBN 978–0–19–887110–1.
doi: 10.1093/oso/9780198871101.001.0001.

Brain Computations: What and How is about how the brain works. In order to understand this, it is essential to know what is computed by different brain systems; and how the computations are performed.

The aim of this book is to elucidate what is computed in different brain systems; and to describe current computational approaches and models of how each of these brain systems computes.

Understanding the brain in this way has enormous potential for understanding ourselves better in health and in disease. Potential applications of this understanding are to the treatment of the brain in disease; and to artificial intelligence which will benefit from knowledge of how the brain performs many of its extraordinarily impressive functions.

This book is pioneering in taking this approach to brain function: to consider what is computed by many of our brain systems; and how it is computed.

Brain Computations: What and How will be of interest to all scientists interested in brain function and how the brain works, whether they are from neuroscience, or from medical sciences including neurology and psychiatry, or from the area of computational science including machine learning and artificial intelligence, or from areas such as theoretical physics.